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Narrative writing - A Great Invention

posted Nov 11, 2015, 7:18 AM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Nov 11, 2015, 7:18 AM ]
Today 2nd class worked together to write the following narrative. We hope you enjoy it!

A Great Invention

It was a fine day in the town of Dillydale and Uncle Sylvester had called in to see Emma and Tom.

"I'm helping Professor Kowolski today kids. He is creating a fabulous new invention. A pair of special boots that can fly! Imagine that!. Do you want to come and help?"

"Oh can we mum, please" begged Tom. "Oh, ok then" said Mum "Just don't get in the way"."We won't " the children promised.

A few minutes later they were descending the last steps into Professor Kowolskis basement. "This is where the professor creates all his inventions" explained Uncle Sylvester. "Hello Professor, how is your invention coming along?" "Hello everyone. Its just fine. Its nearly ready to test. I just have one problem! I twisted my ankle and I am unable to test it"

"I can test them if you want professor" replied Emma. "That would be fantastic Emma, let me show you how they work" said the professor.

Twenty minutes later the group were standing at harbour walls. "It will be easier if you jump off and then press the turbo button" explained Professor.

Emma was nervous but excited as well. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1...." counted the boys. Emma jumped off the pier and pressed the button. Soon she was flying and soaring over the sea. "Woo hoo" screamed Emma.

"Oh, oh " said the Professor. "Whats wrong with you? they work fantastically" said Tom. "I'm not sure I have put in enough fuel" mumbled the professor.

Suddenly the boots started to splutter and cough. "Aaaghhhh" screamed Emma as she tumbled into the sea.

Riinnggg, Riiinngg went Uncle Sylvester's mobile. "Hellooo" he answered. "Its me Emma, the boots have stopped working. Get help!" "Quick Tom, put these on" the professor told Tom handing him a spare pair of rocket boots.

"We need you to save Emma." Seconds later Tom was speeding his way out to sea. He quickly grabbed Emma and returned to the harbour. "Phew, thanks Tom" said Emma. "No problems. These boots worked great by the way Professor." he replied.

Later that evening Mum was asking the children how their day went. "Oh, it was ok" replied Emma. "I liked the professors boots. But I think my own ones are a lot safer".

The End