Brainstorming for Science Blast

posted Feb 17, 2020, 4:57 AM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Feb 17, 2020, 4:57 AM ]
16th Jan 2020 - Brainstorming

Pupils from both 5th classes got together to brainstorm ideas for Science Blast. Mr Breslin and Ms McElduff explained what was required and introduced the process from the Science Blast resources. Pupils from last years class spoke to pupils from both classes about science blast. 
After discussing some sample questions with the pupils, we let the class work in small groups to brainstorm for suitable questions. The following is a sample of the questions that our pupils thought of:
  • Aeroplane - if a paper aeroplane was subjected to two opposing fans, could it manage to stay up in the air?
  • Does the heat of a battery affect how it works?
  • Does the size of a font make any difference to how fast you can read?
  • Does the colour of a room affect your mood?
  • Does weather have any effect your mood?
  • What material would be the best insulator to keep a container of water warm?
  • Does the size of a hurl effect how far you can puck a ball?
  • Does the shape of a car affect how fast it can go?