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Nature Photography

Activity 4

Nature Walk and Photography Challenge.

Let’s have some fun and get out for a walk in the beautiful outdoors. I know that we such a talented bunch of children in Killeigh, that photography should be no problem to you.

Take in all the sounds you hear, the smells that you smell and watch out for animals, birds and flowers around you.  Take a photograph of something beautiful you see in nature and send it in to us

Tips on Nature Photography

(with thanks to Carmel Flanagan whose wonderful photography is shown below)

1. Be observant

Take a look around you and see what catches your eye. It could be a colourful rainbow or a pretty flower.

2. Lighting

Lighting is very important when taking a photo outside. You do not need any flash on at all as the natural light will do the work for you! Be careful not to take a photo facing the sun or the image will end up blurry or dark. Set your camera to autofocus.

3. Patterns and Textures

Pay attention to patterns and textures For example the bark on a tree, the dry leaves on the ground. Circular bales in a field or a reflection in a puddle. They can create a great photo.

4. Compose / Create your photo

Compose your photo carefully. Centre the subject and wait until the camera focusses on the subject. You might need to get down to the same level as the subject to be photographed to get a head on view. You will need to hold the camera steady, try not to shake or the image will end up blurry. When the image is clear press the button to take the photo.

5. Have fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! If you are patient, you never know what might surprise you. It might be a butterfly landing on a flower or a bee buzzing around.

Some of Carmel’s Fantastic Nature Photography.