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School Proclamation

As part of the celebration of the centenary of 1916 and in particular the events surrounding Proclamation day, each school in Ireland were asked to get the children to reflect on our country and think about our hopes, visions and desires for the Ireland of the future, their future. This is what our pupils came up with. Well done to all concerned.

Scoil Shinchill

Our 2016 Proclamation


We, the boys and girls of Scoil Shinchill, in the beautiful village of Killeigh in the faithful county of Offaly, have considered our future and the future of our country.

This represents a vision of the country we want to live in.


·         We want to live in an independent Ireland where we are free to make our own decisions.


·         In this twenty first century, we desire equal treatment for all citizens. No one should be treated differently on the basis of colour, race, religion or gender. No sector of society should be marginalised. We hope that the society of today and tomorrow will treat the poor, sick, elderly, people with special needs and mental illness with dignity, respect and humanity.


·         All Irish citizens should have a home. No Irish person should have to be homeless or worry about the threat of homelessness.


·         We want a safe country for all the people living in Ireland.


·         We want to keep our culture and our native traditions alive. We hope that our native sports, music, dancing and storytelling continue to be popular with people of all ages.


·         We hope that all Irish citizens take care of our country and our beautiful outdoors.


·         We hope that Irish citizens are protected from harmful products that damage our health such as Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and sugary foods. We hope that Irish people consider the quality of the food they consume and the effect it has on their health and wellbeing.


·         Everyone  has the right to a full and proper education. We also want to protect our children from the scourge of bullying, especially from cyber bullying.




 We want an Ireland that offers a happy and prosperous future for our people. Our citizens should not be forced to emigrate to other countries to find work or a better life


We, the children of Scoil Shinchill in 1916, one hundred years after our ancestors proclaimed a republic, wish to endorse their ideals and to work to ensure that no future generation has to make the sacrifice they made to secure the freedom we enjoy today.


                         Signed: The Children of Scoil Shinchill