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Active Home Week Thursday

posted May 6, 2020, 4:24 PM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Jun 16, 2021, 1:49 PM ]

Tell it Spell it Thursday’.

Hi Everyone, Big thanks to those of you sending in photos and videos of yourselves keeping busy and doing lots of active stuff this week. We are loving them and will be putting together a nice collage at the end of this all so keep them coming.

How did you all get on with the Reaction Time Challenge? My number was 33 and I think I pulled a muscle….whoops!

Our challenge today is ‘Spell your Name PE’. You will see the document below. It shows the alphabet a-z but beside each letter is an exercise. If you have a short or easy name then you can add your surname. By the way….the letter J is a killer…be warned those of you with J in your name.

Here is a photo of a Scavenger Hunt that we did, all items from the back garden. From 10 down to 1….. why not give it a go! Or make your very own obstacle course with whatever you find at home/ in the garden and send us you’re a photo of your one.

Best of luck – don’t forget to snap and share!

Don’t forget Joe Wicks extremely energetic session every morning at 9am live or catch him later in the day either at PE with Joe.

Enjoy your Thursday!