In an effort to improve engagement with pupils and their parents during the closure period, many of our teachers plan to introduce the Seesaw platform. 

This is an easy to setup platform that has three versions. There is a:
  • teacher version
  • classroom version 
  • parent version
Note: You should only be using the classroom version. The parent and family app will no longer be used by Killeigh NS. If you wish to communicate to your teacher then please use the Aladdin connect app to do so.

Seesaw can be used in many ways. Click on this link to have a look at a quick introductory video to Seesaw.

Teachers can send announcements to pupils or parents, we can also send solutions and explanations to help the children better understand their work. Pupils will be able to respond to assigned work. This might be a piece of work they can do using Seesaw directly on their laptop/tablet/phone or it might involve taking a photo of some written work that they have completed. If the pupils are experiencing difficulty with any of their assigned work they can send the teacher a message using Seesaw and the teacher will respond with assistance. (Note: it may not be possible to send an immediate response)

Parents will be able to see all the work that their child submits and will also be able to communicate with the teacher. 

Please check out the instructions below for how to setup and use Seesaw. If you have any queries about using Seesaw please email me at 

Instructions also available in this video.

The Seesaw app on a tablet or phone is preferable to using the laptop version. this is because it is easier to use the camera which we hope to use to scan written work. The laptop or desktop version of seesaw available at will also work fine if no tablet is available.

For ideas on how the pupil may use seesaw please watch this video. Please note that some teachers may use Seesaw slightly differently. e.g. Our junior classes may end up using Seesaw much differently to our senior classes.

If anyone has any difficulty setting up Seesaw, please contact your class teacher or Mr Breslin at 

Finally, we are only starting to use this technology. Please let us know if there is something you think is not working quite right and also please bear with us over the next weeks ahead. We are trying our best but unfortunately, there may be an odd mistake along the way.

pupil seesaw.mp4

Switching between pupils on the Seesaw App. 

Many of our parents may have more than one pupil to use the Seesaw app each day. To switch between accounts please sign out the first user and click I am a pupil to enter your sign-in code. For more details have a quick look t the short video.

switching between users seesaw.mp4

Owen Breslin,
Oct 14, 2020, 12:55 PM