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Active Home Week Fun Friday

posted May 7, 2020, 3:52 PM by Owen Breslin

                     ‘Fun Friday’.          

Well Boys and Girls, I am actually blown away by all your photos and video clips, knew you were a happy active bunch but this is a credit to you all. We have had a huge amount of you uploading pictures and videos of yourselves being active. We may even end up with a few videos so keep them coming.


So tomorrow is about having fun and wrapping up a great week. You know how we love a chance to dance in Killeigh NS, well…… all I’ll say is hit play on the videos below!


These teachers challenge you kids to dance, you can dance to Blinding Lights or you can choose your own song /dance. We want to see you. We all want to see each other.

This is a special shout out to the 6th class boys and girls. You guys and Ms. Screeney are always there to support whatever initiative we run in school so I can’t wait to see you lot take part in this challenge with the enthusiasm you’ve always shown. It will be a lovely keepsake for you from this surreal time, so get bopping!


Best of luck – don’t forget to share!

Enjoy your Weekend. Keep dancing. Keep moving. Keep active!

- Ms Moriarty

“Let’s get Active, It’s more Attractive’.