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Peace Proms

posted Feb 17, 2016, 3:23 AM by Owen Breslin

I woke up on the 6th of February feeling amazing. I was going to the Peace Proms in the RDS with all of my friends. I could barely contain my excitement. After a big breakfast, Mam took me to the school so I could get on the bus. I sat beside Jess. We grinned at each other knowing that this was going to be a great day and joined in with the singing on the bus.

Soon we got to the RDS and we all piled out of the bus talking complete nonsense in pure excitement. We went into the enormous building and a kind lady showed us where we were to sit. We were sitting in the blue area. I sat with Jess to one side and Julia to the other.

Before the concert started we had a practice. We marvelled at the orchestra and hoped we would sing well. Then we had a lunch break and some time to chat properly.  We wondered how the audience would fill up the many seats. We didn’t have a lot of time wonder though as before we knew it people had started to file in!

We gazed out at the large crowd feeling a bit nervous. Everybody strained their eyes trying to see their parents. Before long I spotted mine and I waved madly.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the orchestra started playing the “Mission Impossible” theme tune . When they had finished our conductor Greg Beardsell introduced himself, the orchestra and the choir. We stood up and started singing our first song “Touch the Sky” from the film “Brave”. After that we were not nervous anymore.

My favourite song was “Uptown Funk” as we all put on dark sunglasses and the audience all laughed and cheered. For “Imagine” the audience all turned on the lights on their phones and waved them in time to the music. It was magical. We ended with “Ireland’s Call” and the audience all joined in for that.

On the bus journey home we stopped in McDonalds. We had something to eat and then dessert. It was great fun. We all got back on the bus and as we went home I thought to myself “Jess and I were wrong, this had not just been a great day – it had been a fantastic day!

P.S thank you to the very kind teachers Ms. Corcoran, Ms. Dermody and Ms. Sheeran for bringing us that day. It was a lovely experience for us and I hope they enjoyed it just as much as we did!

By Sadhbh Kelly

Peace Proms