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Engineering 2019

Note - As we had deferred engineers week by a week it unfortunately was affected by the school closures due to covid-19. As a result most of the work we undertook for our engineering  part of the award process was undertaken at home. 

Marble Run

posted Aug 17, 2020, 1:40 PM by Owen Breslin

As part of our lock down activities we challenged the pupils to design their own marble run. Many of our pupils told us that it was a trickier assignment than they first thought. A part of the engineering process we make our students aware of is the importance of testing out your ideas and making any changes you think need to be made. It was clear that this happened as there was great engagement from our pupils. Here is a selection.


run 12.mp4

run 6.mp4

run 9.mp4

run 7.mp4

Engineers week 2020

posted Aug 17, 2020, 12:51 PM by Owen Breslin

As part of this years Engineers week our 6th class were given the task of designing a suspension bridge. They learned what a suspension bridge was and they identified the problems to be solved. Feedback indicated that solutions were needed to:
  • span a distance between a set of piers
  • support an object in the middle of the bridge
  • be aesthetically pleasing
  • use a suspension mechanism to lend support
The following designs were submitted. Well done everyone.

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