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Caring for our environment - A world without oil and which is better? Public vs Private transport

posted Jun 23, 2021, 3:03 PM by Owen Breslin   [ updated Jun 23, 2021, 3:47 PM ]
Mr Breslins class were busy in early June learning about issues concerning our environment. One of our Big Cat readers, the excellent "What if we run out of oil?" by Nick Hunter proved to be truly inspirational to us as it prompted a discussion about energy consumption and about where oil comes from, what it is used for and what can be used instead of oil.

Using this book and chapter 10 of our geography book the boys and girls also learned about where oil comes from and the environmental damage that can be caused when it is spilled and also when it is burned causing emissions.
We also learned about alternatives to oil. These include
  • using renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, wind
  • using energy efficient appliances
  • using energy conserving materials such as insulation
A class survey was conducted to determine use of these at home. Some of the results found were as follows:
  • There was very little electric cars although some parents had hybrid cars
  • some people used heat pumps or solar power at home
  • no-one generated their own electricity
  • Most of the class had well insulated homes
  • Almost all of the class households used energy efficient appliances or bulbs

Keeping on this theme we then moved to a discussion about the merits of using public transport vs private transport. 
After a fascinating discussion the boys and girls wrote a piece of persuasive writing advocating for either private or public transport.

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