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Using online learning systems for STEM

posted Jun 23, 2021, 4:36 PM by Owen Breslin
It goes without saying that children learn  most effectively in STEM when they are working in a hands on, problem solving environment discussing the issues with their peers and working together to find solutions. 

However our online learning systems enabled us to bring STEM to the children in their homes during lockdown. As well as regular science tasks, Seesaw, Google classroom and our school website proved to be particularly invaluable during Engineers week. 

Engineering Challenges were issued for each class on google classroom (senior classes) and seesaw (junior classes). Schol wide challenges were also issued using our school website. e.g.

These challenges proved to be extremely popular. Pupils responded by using google classroom or seesaw to send in drawings, written descriptions and videos. Videos demonstrating their solutions to each challenge were particularly popular.

Extensive use was made of Google Classroom and Seesaw throughout the year across the curriculum.

submitting work on google classroom